10 Fehler auf einer Bali Reise

10 mistakes to make on a Bali trip

Are you planning to travel to Bali and want to be well prepared?
We'll tell you what you should pay attention to and what are absolute no-go's in Bali.

1. Plan everything in advance

It's your first time in Bali? Then you don't know what to expect.
Let yourself be surprised a little and above all let yourself drift. You can spontaneously plan and book tours, excursions and island hopping on site. 🏝️

2. Travel uninformed
Bali is a very religious & spiritual place.
Before your trip, find out what customs prevail here and what you should take into account.
For example: Never visit a temple lightly dressed, leave the house on Nyepi or go out to a restaurant in a bikini...

3. Book a hotel with breakfast
Sound strange? Thank us later ☺️
In Bali you can not only eat in the most beautiful places (on a cliff, on the beach, in the rice field), but also enjoy insanely good food.
You don't want to miss this if you always eat in your accommodation.

4. Don't drink coconuts
The palm fruits are real vitamin bombs and true miracle cures.
Rich in electrolytes, they also help with Bali Belly.
And to be honest: Drinking a coconut on the beach and watching the surfers sounds just fantastic, doesn't it?

5. Carrying too much luggage
You need less than you think and it's warmer than you think.
Also: Bali has really great markets and cute shops. So it's better to leave a little space in your luggage for a new summer dress or souvenirs for your loved ones.

6. Drink tap water
You probably already know that you can't drink the tap water in Bali. However, we would also advise you to only brush your teeth with drinking water.
Especially at the beginning of your journey, your stomach is probably a little more sensitive and should be protected even more.

6. Expect European traffic rules
Traffic in Bali can seem very wild. Different rules definitely apply here than here and if you stick to German rules, you can spend a few more hours on the street.
In Bali people overtake left and right, drive on sidewalks and transport everything from dogs to rocking chairs on scooters.

7. Leave your trash behind
White dream beaches, breathtaking views, beautiful waterfalls... all this characterizes Bali. However, another picture:
Polluted rivers, washed up dirt and far too few rubbish bins.
Be considerate on your journey and try to produce little waste. A reusable drinking bottle, cloth shopping bags or bamboo straws can help you with this.

8. Just stay in one place
Bali has so much to offer you won't want to see just one side of the island.
For a 3-4 week trip in Bali we recommend the places: Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu & Nusa Penida.

9. Always eat the same thing
It is very unlikely that this will happen to you, but we still want to mention it again: try the local food and taste the variety of restaurants in Bali. Our favorite dishes from Bali include:
Gado Gado, Mie Goreng and Dadar Gulung.

10. Forgetting your favorite accessories
This will certainly not happen to you either, but one thing is for sure:
Your favorite pieces of jewelry, which also go best with several outfits, should definitely be on your Bali packing list.
We recommend our waterproof silver jewelry - they are the perfect companions on the beach, in the pool and on your next waterfall trip. 🌴

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