It all started when...

I got off the plane for the first time in 2015 and heard:
Selamat Datang!
Welcome to Bali!
The tropical temperatures, the warm-hearted people, the delicious food - you can feel the Bali vibe immediately! I wanted to share the feeling and the experiences I had in Bali with other people.
I'm used to the fact that (despite all love) the sun rarely shines in Hamburg. Hence the question: How can I bring a bit of Bali to Hamburg?
This question coupled with my love for special pieces of jewelery resulted in VERLAN Jewellery .
On the island, I established contact with a manufactory that is in the heart of Bali and is now the third generation to carry out its silversmith craft.
Together we have been developing collections inspired by Balinese forms and traditions since 2019.
I am happy to have found such great partners on the island who love their craft and hope to share my passion with you!
Behind VERLAN Jewellery it`s me: Sandra (Hamburger by choice & van lover) and a small team of fantastic people, without whom everything would only be half as much fun.