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Cire perdue casting process

How jewelry is created with the lost wax casting process

Cire-Perdue ( Eng.: lost wax ) is the name given to the jewelery casting process - one of the oldest methods of producing jewellery.
But how exactly is a new piece of jewelry made from lost wax?

First, a 'Master Wax' is made. A negative mold into which the jewelry design is incorporated.
In the next step, wax is poured in here, so that the piece of jewelery is made of wax. We call it 'Lilin'.
This process is now repeated. The Lilins are then mended by hand and offset and soldered to a turret, creating a kind of wax tree.

This tree is enclosed in a mold that is now filled with plaster. The whole thing is heated, causing the wax to escape and allowing it to be replaced with silver.
The silver is poured into the mold through an opening at the top, filling in the areas where the wax was previously.

The plaster can be removed and the jewelry blanks exposed.

Among other pieces, the blanks of our SUNSET & MEDEWI rings are created with this process on Bali's neighboring island of Java and are then filed, polished and gold-plated in our Balinese manufactory.
Master Wax:
Master Wax - Cire Perdue
Processing of the 'Lilins':
Wax processing Cire-Perdue
Lilin tree:
Lilin treeLilin tree

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