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We tell you the best surf spots in Bali

Bali is no longer an insider tip among surfers.
From beginners to absolute pros, the Indonesian island has a perfect wave for everyone!

If Kuta is too crowded and touristy for you, the best thing to do is look a little further south on Bukit Island.

Our favorite spots for surfing are here:

In order to get to the small stretch of beach, you have to scramble down the 150 steps, but you will be greatly rewarded for doing so!
Bingin is one of the quieter beaches, especially in the months of November to June, and invites you to linger with its beautiful sunsets.
In addition to small cafes, there are also two surfboard rentals here.

  • left hander

  • barrels

  • Shallow Reef
    Bingin Surf VERLAN Jewellery

The 120 meter long beach is a feast for the eyes and was not chosen as the backdrop for the film Eat, Pray & Love without reason.
You have the best surfing conditions in Padang Padang in the dry season.

  • left hander

  • barrels

  • Shallow Reef

  • Fantastic view!

    Surfing in Bali

The hipster town of Canggu is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bali.
In addition to countless restaurants and hip bars, there are also perfect waves here.
Unfortunately, you are never alone with one and often have to share the water with surf schools.

  • Little left handers

  • Gentle reef

  • Ideal for longboarders

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