Deine Bali Packliste

Your Bali packing list


Beach towel, bikini & sunscreen are already on the list...

But you should also definitely think about a reusable drinking bottle. Bali has an immense waste problem, which is mainly due to increasing tourism and a lack of recycling facilities.

Since you should drink a lot under the Balinese sun, many tourists use plastic bottles that are not recyclable.
Unfortunately, far too often the resulting waste ends up in the sea and pollutes the environment.

You can keep your drinking bottle cool at night and have it refilled in many places along the way.
Unfortunately, the tap water on the island is not drinkable, but drinking canisters are available in all restaurants and cafés.

Is there anything else?

  • sarong . Anyone who has read the entry “ riding a scooter ” knows that the sarong is super practical for everyday scooter use.
    But it also has many other functions: for example as a beach towel, as headgear and thus as protection from the sun, as a scarf when driving at night or as a wrap-around skirt when visiting a temple.

  • coneflower . Sunstroke is never fun - especially not in Bali. A hat can save the day here.

  • rain cape . For the case of falls. Especially if you are in Bali during the rainy season, you should pack a rain cape or rent one on site.

  • subjects . In fact, every restaurant is air-conditioned or has fans installed. But if this is not the case, such a fan can make you quite happy.

  • Warm clothes (If you want to do a trip to the volcano or other higher areas on the island - it can get chilly here on the scooter.)

  • Fanny pack (useful for scooter rides & going out). If you are still looking for a suitable one, we would like to recommend the handmade fanny packs from dear Dani ( Get Finster ).

  • Waterproof jewelery should definitely not be missing from your accessories!
    A shell necklace or waterproof hoop earrings ? With our pieces of jewelery you are perfectly equipped for your next trip to Bali.
    You can currently only buy our jewelery online or try it on in our VERLAN Café . Unfortunately, there is no store in Bali yet.

Do you have any questions about the island or do you need tips for your next stay in Bali? Just write us a message .


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